How are you getting so many discounts on online goods nowadays?

It is the belief of the common man that if I buy something for ₹ 10 and sell it for ₹ 12, then I will make a profit of ₹ 2. In companies like Flipkart, we do not see this principle being directly applicable anywhere and that is why the question comes to our mind how do these companies earn so much profit?

Actually, these companies do not depend on anyone’s source to earn a profit, rather they make many such areas from where they get little benefit, and a little profit from all these areas overall becomes a big profit.

Below I am writing about such factors which benefit an e-commerce company.

Registration Charge:

Whenever most companies add a new businessman with them, then that businessman has to pay a fixed charge to the company. Some company takes it directly and some companies take it as a hidden charge that the trader has to pay for a specified time till the processing of some order.


Companies also take a commission from the businessman but most of the time it is in big small figures which at one time we find negligible but when these small commissions are received then the total deposit amount reaches crores for example. For example, if Filmkart takes a commission of ₹ 2.6 on every sale of mobiles of less than ₹ 10,000 and it sells 1,00,00,000 mobile phones of that price in a year, then the total profit earned by the company from the commission itself is ₹ 2 60,00,000.


How to Get So Many Discounts on Online Goods Nowadays?

You must have seen that when you order a product, a shipping fee is charged from you which is only more than ₹ 40 because these companies send large quantities of orders from one place to another, so they are extremely Transport is available at low cost from where they earn huge profit. Let’s say if a truck comes from Mumbai to Delhi and there are 1,000 small and big orders in this truck, then the company has to spend very little ₹ for this shipping because even if the company spends ₹ 20,000 on the fuel of the truck and ₹10,000 on rent, the company would still be in profit ₹10,000. Usually, the orders are taken from a nearby market which increases the profit further. Now if one truck is giving an average profit of ₹ 10,000 per day and the company has 1,500 such trucks, then the company can make a profit in a day. She is making a profit of ₹2,40,00,000 only from transport


By showing the benefit of the free shipping charge, and other benefits, the company persuades its users to take membership and huge profit is earned from this source too.

A large number of discounts:

When companies give big discounts to their users, then in reality these discounts are the result of deep research done by the company. Keeping in mind the sales and cost of which product and its demand, the price is decided, and it is tried that the users should take some other similar as well. The advantage of this deep research is that the stock which was stalled goes out, and the company also gives compensation to the traders in lieu of a discount. gives.

Companies are not dependent on anyone’s source for their profit, they earn profit in every way and keep looking for new avenues, they have a modern research team, which very quickly decides the price of any product by adding it to its profit. Often this price is less than the market and entices us

Nowadays you can return your product even if you do not like it and you can also get your money back, which builds your trust in the company and you gradually become addicted to online shopping which is not a bad thing.

Now the time has come for the local shopkeepers to make some changes in themselves otherwise they will drown if they do not swim with the waves of the sea.

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